All Better Together Members are invited to attend our Business Meetings.  YOUR OPINION AND VOTE COUNTS!


Hello, Better Together Family! 

Please join us on Sunday, January 7, 2024, for your
Better Together Virtual Intergroup Business Meeting.

Click to see the agenda for the next meeting. Click here for the minutes from last month. Any motions to be voted on at this upcoming meeting are included in the minutes for your review before attending.

Please also consider joining us before the meeting as the officers and committee chairs meet to brainstorm and discuss intergroup business and speaker meeting business. 

Meeting Link

A Note from the

Better Together Intergroup Chair:


Call for service!


Elections coming January 7, 2024. Nominations are accepted right up to the time of election.


Nominations for IG Secretary:

Catherine P.

Nominations for IG Vice Chair.

Lori D.

Nominations for IG Treasurer.

None currently

Nominations for IG delegate.

Theresa Chicago


Elections are to be held on January 7, 2024, at the BTVIG Intergroup business meeting.

Please join us, nominate, and vote!

You must be present to nominate, vote, and 

accept the nomination.

Better Together Speaker Meeting News:


The following committees are seeking members to join and support the efforts to do service at the Better Together speaker meeting.


Co-host and Host, Phone-list, Communications, Welcome Committee, Speaker Seekers, Sponsor/Sponsee Connections, No Disruptions. 


Speaker Meeting:

Meeting ID: 976 429 200

Passcode: better

Speaker Meeting Link

Newcomer Meeting News:


Join us every Sunday at 7 PM Eastern time all are welcome!


We look at and share about each of the 9 OA tools.

We recognize milestones in recovery.

Newcomers 30, 60, 90, and 120 days of continuous absence and one year.


Show up to do service and claim your seat. 

Welcoming and Supporting newcomers is a great way to do service!


Newcomer Meeting:

Meeting ID: 821 5984 0948

Passcode: Welcome

Newcomer Meeting Link

12 Agenda Dec 3 2023 BTVIG.docx.pdf
11 Agenda Nov 5 2023 BTVIG
10 Minutes Oct 1 2023 BTVIG.docx.pdf